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Date: November 16, 2017
Contact: Brit Milazzo

Joe Luther is Recipient of Carl J. Schaefer Memorial Award

For the second time, an instructor at Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology has been the recipient of a national teacher of the year award through NOCTI -- National Occupational Competency Testing Institute.

It first came in 2015 with Dental Assistant Instructor Mindi Tobias. This year, Horticulture and Landscaping Instructor Joe Luther will be given the the Carl J. Schaefer Memorial Award that annually recognizes career technical education teachers for their outstanding service.

Luther will accept the award Dec. 7 at a ceremony in Nashville, Tenn.

“It means a lot,” he said. “I never considered myself to be a teacher. I was happy in business – I owned a landscape business since I was 17 and always had a one-track mind until I tried this out. It was a little bit of a trial and error, but it worked out and glad I made the decision (to become an instructor). It’s a good fit.”

On Oct. 20, Luther received official word from NOCTI CEO John Foster about the recognition.

Foster said in a voicemail to Luther: “I wanted to tell you some good news – you have won the NOCTI Schaefer Award. That’s for the CTE teacher of the year in terms of someone pursuing additional degrees and things like that. We just got word back from our evaluation panel that you were the winner.”

The award includes a plaque, $500 to be used toward education-related expenses, and more.

“The funny part about it is when you’re just starting out as a new teacher and getting your feet wet, coming from business you have no idea what teaching is even about and so you have to learn how to teach, and that’s accredited to the administration up front to get us where we need to be,” Luther said. “A lot of it also goes back to the kids and bringing these kids in and turning them into professionals even if they never do anything with the field. It’s wild just to see. We’ve had a lot of success, and it’s building a culture back here.”

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