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Date: February 8, 2018
Contact: Brit Milazzo

CPI Offers Program to Help Meet Job Demand for Dental Assistants

Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology offers a Dental Assisting program for adult learners. It's mission is to prepare students to work in a growing field like dental assisting, and provides a foundation for students who want to further their education in other dental career paths.

Taught by instructor Mindi Tobias and assistant instructor Heidi Wagner, the nine-month, 900-hour course is scheduled from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday at a specialized classroom at the North Harrison Road campus.

With state-of-the-art equipment, Tobias said students get administrative, clinical and hands-on experience. Some of that equipment includes a digital panoramic machine, dental impression machine, intraoral cameras, and three Dexter heads.


The program runs on a four-quarter schedule, which half of instruction time includes theory and the other half is clinical work. Wagner said theory is in-class academic time to learn about procedures. Clinical is the hands-on portion that allows students to physically learn procedures through interactive training.

The last quarter requires students to have an externship or preceptorship where students learn through industry training in a workplace.

Upon graduation, students earn a number of certifications including radiology and infection control through the Dental Assisting National Board; Healthcare Provider certification; and AED, CPR and OSHA certifications.


Considered a “high priority” profession, Tobias said she has nearly a 100 percent job placement rate.

“Because students come from so many different places (in the commonwealth) there is always a job for those who want it,” she said. “If they pass boards and want to work, (then) they usually get work easily.”

Employment of dental assistants is projected to grow 19 percent by 2026, “much faster than the average for all occupations,” according to information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In Pennsylvania, the number of dental assisting jobs is expected to grow 8.7 percent by 2022, according to the state’s Department of Labor and Industry.

The program provides training in dental assisting careers in general and specialty practices; and offers a foundation for students who want to further their education in other dental programs.

For more information, contact (814) 359-2793 or 1 (877) 968-7388.

CPI, 540 North Harrison Road, Pleasant Gap, PA 16823 - Telephone: 814-359-2793 1-877-968-7388    (Disclosures)