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Date: March 27, 2018
Contact: Brit Milazzo

Collision Repair Student Hopes to Restore 73 Dodge Challenger by Senior Prom in 2020

A Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology student studying in the Collision Repair Technology program is making it his mission to restore a 1973 Dodge Challenger he purchased last year. The goal is to have it completed by his senior prom in 2020.

Asher Burkett, an honor student from the Bald Eagle Area School District, calls his interest in cars, “a hobby.” Now, he’s working with his father, Dale Burkett, to restore the mechanics of the vehicle, while the rest can be done at the collision repair shop at CPI with help from instructor Brian Hummel.

Burkett said he purchased the vehicle for $2,900 at the beginning of August after finding the advertisement on Craigslist.com from another car enthusiast in Oneida, N.Y.

“We drove up to look at it in a town near Syracuse (N.Y.) before actually purchasing it, and decided I wanted to get that,” Burkett said. “I had my mom get the money out of the bank – I had saved up for a long time – and we got a car trailer and went back up and brought it back.”

The roundtrip took about eight hours.

“I remember driving back and getting a ton of people asking about it when we were at gas stations and stuff,” Burkett said. “There was a bus full of (tourists) and I remember them pointing and looking at the car.”

Once back at his home in Julian, Burkett said the first thing he did was clean out the inside. With hopes of restoring it back to the original yellow color, Burkett said he also must replace the floors, install break and fuel lines, get an engine and rebuild the transmission, among other work.

The car in its original condition was painted yellow with black strips, which, at that time, was a color so rare it costed extra.

“I know it will be a lot of work, but it’s a hobby that I really like doing, and always liked old cars and always wanted to buy an old car since I was younger,” Burkett said. “My liking of cars is probably just from seeing them as kid like at car shows and on the road, and just thinking they were cool.”

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