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Date: June 6, 2018
Contact: Brit Milazzo

CPI Successfully Conducts Annual Required Severe Weather Drill

A simulation was held on May 16 of a scenario where a building had collapsed at Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology, and faculty and staff needed to work together to bring students – and others – to safety. School Resource Officer Shane Dickey, of the Spring Township Police Department, said it was part of an annual severe weather emergency preparedness drill, which the state requires institutes to conduct once a year.

Dickey said he worked with Centre County Public Safety Training Center Coordinator Mark Keller and CPI’s Vice President of Secondary Education MaryAnn Volders to plan protocol and a preparedness drill for faculty, staff and students to follow to get individuals to safety in events of a weather emergency. Generally, that means getting students to a closet or hallway away from windows, however Dickey said they also incorporated an evacuation plan.

“The simulation we did was that there was a partial building collapse and we needed to get students to a safe place and then evacuate them from the (main) building to the (Glenn O.) Hawbaker Transportation Training Center,” Dickey said. “We were testing some new things with procedure and accountability.”

Calling it a “controlled evacuation,” the process, he added, could be used in the severe weather drill and/or other emergency situations, which require to get students and others out of a building safely.

“A lot of this stuff ties into other elements, but it’s good for faculty because we can help get teachers (acquainted) with the process and use other staff (such as) maintenance and counselors to facilitate in the process so everyone has a part to play and they know their place. It keeps everyone in practice and up-to-date.”

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