About Juicing Greens Efficiently

People who drink healthy, nutritious, homemade juices are known to live healthier, longer lives. Juicing vegetables are the best ingredients that you can add to juices which make it tastier and healthier. If you have a good juicer, juicing vegetables seems very simple and fast. The latest juicers available in the market are the cold press juicers while slowly extracting all the juice from the fruits keeping all the natural nutrients, flavor and enzymes alive in the drink. If you have a cold press juicer, you can juice out all sorts of different fruits and vegetables to enjoy all the flavors and benefit from all the nutrients that exist in nature so why don’t visit coldpressjuicing.com/.  Although juicing vegetables is quite easy, there are some tips and tricks which will make your job even simpler and add even better flavor to the drink. Here they are: Add a vegetable with high concentration of water: Before adding the leafy greens, add an ingredient which has high water content like cucumber or lettuce. Adding such a vegetable makes a good base for the juice and also gives it a nice flavor. Adding such a vegetable with higher water content also adds a good volume to the drink. Add leafy greens: You should also add some leafy greens to the juice to benefit from all the rich nutrients in them. In addition to all the other health benefits, leafy greens are also very advantageous for your digestive system. Also use the stems from the leaves: The stems of the green vegetables are a very nutritious part and therefore they must not be wasted away. Even the greens which have hard stems like kale, which are normally discarded before cooking these vegetables, can be used for juicing to add extra nutrients to the drink. Add herbs: You can also add some herbs to your juices like parsley or cilantro. They help detox your body of impurities and toxins. Many herbs also have medicinal properties which help keep many illnesses at bay and help fight many diseases. Add a little lemon juice: Lemon adds a nice flavor to your drink and also adds many health benefits for you in the drink. It is a great source of Vitamin C, frees your body of toxins and helps in building a stronger immune system to keep you away from diseases. Additionally a hint of lemon in your drink also maintains the pH of your body. Add something sweet: To give it a boost of flavor, you can add a sweet fruit to your juice like apple or peach. In addition to the vitamins and nutrients that it provides, fruits also usually taste great and add a sweet flavor to the drink. Now that you know the secret to green juices, there is no reason why you should only stick to the traditional fruit juices. Add more versatility to your drinks combining fruits and vegetables, trying out new and exciting flavors and making your drinks as nutritious as possible.
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