Dear Parents and Students:

I hope that everyone is well and staying healthy. Thank you as always for your patience and persistence during these difficult times.

At this time, students are scheduled to return to class on April 9th, but that date is likely to be moved back.  With that being said, teachers and administrators have been working hard for the past week to create optional learning activities for our students.  The goal of providing these experiences is to keep students connected and provide optional practice in which students would normally participate when they are in school.  These activities will be shared by each program area instructor the next several days and throughout the coming weeks if necessary.  Since each program is different, enrichment and review activities will be handled differently by each instructor.  Our teachers are excited to begin providing learning experiences for their students.  They miss the students and are working on some great ways to reconnect.

Thank you to everyone for your help in promoting learning in the home. We know that this cannot replace the daily classroom interactions that teachers have with their students, but we hope it will provide an increased level of comfort, routine, and educational focus to our students.  We will communicate updated information as it is available. In the meantime, please take every precaution to stay safe and healthy.  It is imperative that we remain calm and positive as we work through this historical time together.

Please communicate any questions or concerns to the program area instructor or MaryAnn Volders at

Thank you,

MaryAnn Volders