Senior Certificate and Awards Ceremony


IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING THE SENIOR CERTIFICATE AND AWARDS CEREMONY Dear CPI Class of 2020: While I wish that a live ceremony to honor the accomplishments of our 120 seniors was possible, I recognize that it is not prudent at this time given the current guidelines supplied to us by the Department of Health.  Therefore, the 2020 CPI Senior Awards and Certificate Ceremony will be held in two parts. Part one will be a virtual ceremony aired at 6:30 PM on June 4, 2020 and posted on the CPI website and social media platforms.  Special awards will be presented, student’s names will [...]

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CPI to Begin Distributing Federal CARES Funding to Adult Students


CPI Adult Students: CPI is beginning to distribute federal CARES funding to post-secondary students enrolled in its degree and diploma programs. The US Department of Education established grant funding designated to assist students whose education was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. CPI administration and its Aid office established a formula for directly distributing CARES funding to students. CARES grant funding will be mailed or delivered to impacted students very soon. We ask our current students to remain in regular contact with their instructors for program updates and plans for returning to campus. Now more than ever our community will need highly-trained [...]

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CPI Campus Closed to Limit the Spread of COVID-19


To protect the safety of our students and limit the spread of the Corona Virus, the CPI Campus is closed to all students and visitors through May 8th. High school programs will not return to campus for the 2019 / 2020 School Year. Updates will be provided on the Adult and Post-Secondary Diploma and Degree Programs. We are watching the Governor's schedule to return Pennsylvanians to work and school and we will update our website with any news about plans for returning students. If you have questions, please direct them to info@cpi.edu. Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time [...]

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Important Message for Students and Parents


Dear Parents and Students: I hope that everyone is well and staying healthy. Thank you as always for your patience and persistence during these difficult times. At this time, students are scheduled to return to class on April 9th, but that date is likely to be moved back.  With that being said, teachers and administrators have been working hard for the past week to create optional learning activities for our students.  The goal of providing these experiences is to keep students connected and provide optional practice in which students would normally participate when they are in school.  These activities will be shared [...]

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Corona Virus: Updated Information From the CDC


Current Corona Virus information and updates are available at the CDC website or the PA Department of Health's website CPI will continue to post updates to schedules, classes, and other information as they occur.  

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Cosmetology Salon Temporarily Closed


Effective Friday, March 13th, CPI's Cosmetology Salon - which is open to the public, is temporarily closed until further notice. A notice will be posted on CPI's website when the Salon will re-open for public services.

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Nurse Aide Instructor / Coordinator


Position coordinates CPI's NA Program, as well as instructs in the 120-hour Nurse Aide Training Program. Instruction includes 40 hours of theory, 25 hours of lab, and 55 hours of clinical in a long-term care facility per class. Classes may include day, evening, and weekend hours based on the individual needs of each Nurse Aide Class. Coordinator / Instructor will be responsible for: Coordination of staff and schedules for Nurse Aide Training. Ensuring compliance with Program requirements and regulations. Scheduling of certification testing. Working with clinical sites and long-term care facilities for contract training. Teaching and supervising students in the classroom, [...]

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Create Mobile Apps Summer Program at CPI


This summer program is for 6th-8th grade students.  Create an interactive mobile game that uses your phone's gyroscope to control your character through mazes and obstacles to find the goal! This course focuses on the unique advantages of the mobile platform for development, teaches students modern approaches in game design, and uses haptic and SFX feedback to enhance the game's feel. Students walk away with a robust mobile app that can be exported to a native app and downloaded by others. This summer program will be held at CPI from July 27-30.  Click here to register.

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