Dental Assistant

9 Months – Total Clock Hours: 900

2024-2025 Tuitions Fees: $10,682

Start date: 8/28/2024

Admission Requirements

Application Fee, Application for Admission, Enrollment Agreement, High School Diploma or GED, Criminal Record Check, Child Abuse Clearance.

Program Overview

The mission of the Dental Assisting program is to prepare academically competent students who are prepared for the Certified Dental Assisting (CDA) exam* through the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) and to make students occupationally proficient for employment, while establishing a sound foundation for continued learning.

The Dental Assisting program integrates lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on experiences to teach students a variety of dental-related subject. The major areas of study include anatomy and physiology, chairside dental assisting, radiology, dental materials, and microbiology/sterilization.

The program also covers pharmacology, oral pathology, dental anatomy, computer introduction, medical/dental emergencies, dental office business procedures, legal/ethical management, and communications. Experience gained in the Dental Assisting program prepares students for the national certification testing in Radiation Health and Safety (RHS) and Infection Control (ICE), which are required prior to taking the Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) exam through the Dental Assistant National Board.

CPI Dental Assistant students are provided the opportunity to obtain the following Certifications:

  • Certified Dental Assisting Certification through DANB
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 
  • CPR with Automated External Defibrillator, American Heart Association, Basic Life Support
  • DANB Radiation Health and Safety certification
  • DANB Infection Control Examination

* Subject to passing

Maximum # of Students Per Class:  16

Program starts in September. Please check with CPI Admissions and review the Program Enrollment Agreement for specific start dates.

Entry-Level Career Opportunities:

  • Dental Assistant
  • Dental Lab Technician
  • Medical Receptionist
  • Medical / Dental Billing Specialist

Courses In This Program Include:

Course Descriptions

DAI-110 – Introduction to Dental Assisting, Safety, and Infection Control
In Introduction to Dental Assisting, Safety, and Infection Control, students will receive an introduction to dental assisting, safety and emergency procedures, and operative dentistry. Students learn the terminology associated with the dental profession, knowledge of healthcare teams and their assigned roles, and the history of dentistry. Learning includes understanding ethics and laws, the state Dental Practice Act, levels of suspension, and the names of the regulatory agencies that oversee the dental industry. Students will gain a basic understanding of the anatomy and physiology related to dental care, which includes describing all head and neck structures related to dentistry, name and explain primary and permanent teeth numbers and locations, describe parts of a tooth, tooth surfaces, and types of teeth. This course includes the principles of infection control with a focus on disease transmission, the proper way to apply Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), how to disinfect an operatory and sterilize instruments, as well as how to prepare an operatory for various procedures and patients. Students are taught to position a patient, assist with an exam, take impressions, and exchange instruments all while maintain moisture control. This course introduces practice management and the basics of communication. (180 Lecture Hours – 120 Lab Hours)

DAR-146 – Radiology and Medical Issues Related to Dental Assisting
During Radiology and Medical Issues Related to Dental Assisting, students are taught advanced skills associated with the areas of infection control, radiology, operative dentistry, and laboratory procedures. A focus on computerized or manual patient registration and advanced practice management skills are included in this course. Students are taught how to take vital signs and respond to basic medical emergencies. Students will discuss pain management and the effects of anesthesia on a patient. By the conclusion of this course, students should become certified in Radiology and be able to safely expose a full-mouth series of X-Rays and PAN. This course provides students with the opportunity to continue honing their skills related to taking and properly pouring impressions, ensuring proper safety skills in all aspects of the work day, and providing ethical and legal care to patients at all times. (180 Lecture Hours – 120 Lab Hours)

DAE-208 – Dental Assisting Externship and Office Procedures
Dental Assisting Externship and Office Procedures focuses on a 30-day externship, as well as preparation of a resume, cover letter, and reference page. Mock interviews at a local dental office are included in this course to further prepare students for the employment process. During the lecture and lab component of this course, students learn about preventative care, pharmacology, and how to properly answer patient questions following all office and state regulated guidelines. An overview of periodontics, prosthodontics, endodontics, and orthodontics are included in course component of the Dental Assistant Program. Students are taught the skills to set-up and assist with all major dental procedures, including those for dental specialties and oral surgery. Students should have obtained their DANB Radiology Certification and should earn their OSHA HealthCare Provider Card, complete Mandated Report Training, and obtain their CPR/AED Certification that are vital in today’s workforce.
(92 Lecture Hours – 48 Lab Hours – 160 Externship Hours)