Project Description

Diesel Equipment Maintenance and Repair Technology

Students will be taught to repair diesel equipment such as heavy trucks, buses, bulldozers, and road graders. Diesel engines, transmissions, electrical systems, starting and charging systems, hydraulic systems, and brake systems will be included in the service and repair course. Electric and oxyacetylene welding used in the heavy equipment repair industry will be taught. A strong emphasis will be placed on OSHA and industry safety. Operation will be included to provide the diagnosis and testing of heavy equipment. Diesel Technicians’ annual earnings begin between $25,000 and $30,000 and increase with experience. Students will have the opportunity to pursue the CDL license their senior year.

John Fike

Mr. Fike was born in State College, PA. He graduated from the State College Area High School. Upon graduation, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. His training focused on Light and Medium Duty Vehicle Maintenance and Repair. He has been working in the industry for over 17 years. In the military, he obtained extensive knowledge about diesel engines and over-the-road trucks. Working as a technician at a private company for several years, he uses the knowledge and experience he has gained by incorporating it into the shop area of the classroom. Mr. Fike began teaching at CPI in 2007 and is eager to teach his students the industry. Mr. Fike has confidence in those who want to succeed and will encourage everyone to follow their dreams for their future.

Homework is rarely assigned but the Diesel program at CPI has the unique opportunity to provide students with on-the-job training through live projects from other programs brought to the diesel shop. The students gain valuable real world experiences that prepare them to enter the workforce.
These projects include:
• Service and maintenance of the CDL program trucks and trailers
• Service and maintenance of the heavy equipment fleet
• Service and maintenance of CPI’s diesel and heavy truck fleet.
Pennsylvania State Inspection License
Allows student to be able to inspect light duty vehicles as well as heavy duty trucks and trailers.
Student Cost: Varies

Macs A/C Certification
Allows student to be certified to handle and work on over the road A/C systems.
Student Cost: Varies

Pennsylvania Class A Driver License
Allows student to drive heavy duty vehicles on state roads.
Student Cost: Varies

PA Emmissions OBDII
Allows for student to conduct emission inspections on all light duty vehicles.
Student Cost: Varies

ASE Student Certifications
Diesel Engines, Electrical/Electronic systems, Brakes, Steering and Suspension. Provides students their first industry certifications in medium and heavy truck systems.
Student Cost: Varies

Fleet Safety, Pollution Prevention & Supervisors Safety courses Provides students with industry and OSHA recongnized safety certifications.
Student Cost: Varies