Expanded Function Dental Assistant – Certificate Program

252 Hours – 4 Months
Tuition: $5,232
Fee at enrollment is a $40 Application fee

Upcoming schedules/starts for the course are as follows:


2024 Schedule:

  1. Fridays, starting March 1, 2024, 10AM to 6:30PM. March 1, 8, 15, 22, April 5, 12, 19, 26, May 3, 10, 17, 21, 31, June 7, and end date June 14th, 2024.
  2. Saturdays, starting March 2, 2024, 9AM to 5PM, March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, April 6, 13, 20, 27, May 4, 11, 18, 31, June 1, 8, and end date June 15th, 2024

Fall 2024:

  • Fridays, starts 9/13/2024
  • Saturdays, starts 9/14/2024

Admission Requirements
Application Fee, Application for Admission, Enrollment Agreement, Criminal Record Check, Radiology license, completion of a Dental Assisting program or 1 year of experience as a Dental Assistant.

Program Description
The Expanded Functions Dental Assisting course is a 252 hour program to give students the appropriate knowledge to sit for the State Board Expanded Functions Exam. Students will be required to complete didactic, pre-clinical, and clinical hours as well as maintain perfect attendance.

EFA-001, Intro to Equipment and Instruments
Students will be able to identify all operatory equipment and instruments used to perform EFDA duties. They will also learn how to properly adapt and activate each instrument and how to use a fulcrum for stabilization. (2 Lecture hours and 2 Lab hours)

EFA-002, Dental Anatomy and Terminology
Students will learn tooth Anatomy and identify their locations within the maxillary and mandibular arches. Students will use their anatomy skills to carve anatomy into wax models. Students will learn precise techniques to take impressions to capture all tissues and anatomy of the oral cavity. Students will learn the terminology that consists of the expanded functions rule in the dental office. They will learn cavity classifications and how to place anatomy into each tooth they restore using amalgam and composite.
(24 Lecture hours, 8 Lab hours)

EFA – 003, Moisture Control
Students will learn how to perform oral rinses and how to properly keep areas of the oral cavity dry to prepare for restorative procedures. They will learn how to properly place and remove cotton rolls, dry angles, and rubber dams without injuring the soft tissue in the oral cavity. Students will learn how to properly place themselves in order for maximum visual abilities while working in the oral cavity. They will learn ergonomics for the best posture and positions. (18 Lecture hours, 30 Lab hours)

EFA – 004, Restorative Procedures
Students will learn proper terminology of all materials to perform restorative procedures. Each student will use techniques learned to restore all classes of cavity preps. They will receive evaluations on each restored tooth to further their understanding on restorative procedures. Students will learn how to properly place numerous matrices as well as liners and bases and understand the need for these materials. Students will learn how to properly make temporary crowns and mix materials for cementation. Students will learn and demonstrate how to properly place fluoride and will be able to identify why/if patients need sealants and apply them efficiently. (10 Lecture Hours, 34 Lab hours)

EFA – LAW, Dental Law
Students will know and understand all allowable and prohibited duties of and Expanded Functions Dental Assistant. They will learn how to approach situations within the dental office on their rule as an EFDA. (4 Lecture)

EFA – EXT, EFDA 002 Externship
Once students achieve an 80% in the Lecture/Lab hours of the EFDA 001 part of the course. They will then be able to start their Externship. Students will be placed in dental offices to work on live patients using the knowledge that they consumed in EFDA-001. They will be required to restore teeth with the dentist evaluating each restored tooth. Once the student finishes all required documents from their externship, they will then earn their certificate and be able to sit for The State Board of Dentistry EFDA exam.
(120 Externship hours)