Heavy Equipment Operations with Class A CDL

7 Months – Total Clock Hours: 720

2023-2024 Tuitions Fees: $12,860

Admission Requirements

Application Fee, Application for Admission, Enrollment Agreement, High School Diploma or GED, Criminal Record Check, Child Abuse Clearance.

Program Overview

This program is designed to provide students with an understanding of the fundamentals of operation and maintenance of various types of heavy equipment.  The topics of study include an introduction to the broad field of the construction industry and the many job opportunities available. Safety during maintenance and operation procedures will be emphasized.  

The program will address how to perform trench work and how to prepare layout, excavate, and backfill building sites. Students will also be taught related OSHA rules and regulations. This training will prepare students for work in such occupations as heavy equipment operation, road construction, quarry work, landscaping, and a host of other employment fields.  Students can obtain their CDL Class A license through this program.

Maximum # of Students Per Class:  20

Program starts on July 24, 2023. Please check with CPI Admissions and review the Program Enrollment Agreement for specific start dates.

Entry-Level Career Opportunities:

  • Construction Equipment Operator
  • Dump Truck Driver
  • Paving, Surface, and Tamping Equipment Operator
  • Material Moving Worker

Courses In This Program Include:

Course Descriptions

HEC-106 – Introduction to Heavy Equipment Maintenance and CDL Theory/Driving
In Introduction to Heavy Equipment Maintenance & CDL Theory/Driving, students are taught the maintenance aspect of the machines they will be operating, as well as taught the basics to obtaining a CDL license. To fully understand how to operate any machine or CDL vehicle in a safe manner, students must first learn to identify minor problems and address them before they become catastrophic failures. This prepares students for their CDL driving and Heavy Equipment Operating sections.
(36 Lecture Hours – 180 Lab Hours)

HES-110 – Intro to Safety and Heavy Equipment Operations
In Intro to Safety and Heavy Equipment Operations, students will be taught the safety aspects of being around Heavy Equipment as they get introduced into the equipment and how to perform basic maneuvers with them. Those pieces will include Excavators, Bulldozers, Backhoes, Skid Steers, Loaders, Haul Units, and a Grader. They will also be taught in this course what the typical expectations are from employers. Students in this course may continue driving CDL Vehicles to prepare for their CDL License tests. (24 Lecture Hours – 48 Lab Hours)

HEW-120 – Introduction to Site Work
The Introduction to Site Work course contains information on the processes that go into land development. This includes reading grade stakes, civil drawings, excavation math, and how to layout their own projects. Students will design their own land development plan, then figure out how long it would take to complete that job. In addition, students will be taught how to use GPS technology for a machine control system. Students in this course may also continue driving CDL Vehicles to Prepare for CDL License Tests. (72 Lecture Hours – 150 Lab Hours)

HFG-166 – Finishing and Grading
Finishing and Grading highlights the equipment modules and techniques to proficiently operate at a safe, but production pace. These equipment modules include backhoes, excavator, bulldozers, loaders, skid steers, haul trucks, and rollers. Students in this course will demonstrate their abilities to thoughtfully plan out a job to increase production. In this course, students may begin testing for their NCCER Equipment Certifications and Class-A CDL based on their current skill levels.
(46 Lecture Hours – 92 Lab Hours)

HEE-198 – Proficiency Exams
Proficiency Exams will primarily focus on students’ ability to fine-tune and hone their Equipment Operating skills and complete testing for their NCCER Equipment Operation Certifications. They will be expected to also complete their CDL Tests by this time as well. (12 Lecture Hours – 60 Lab Hours)