Advertising and Commercial Arts

Advertising and Commercial Arts prepares students to use art and technology techniques to effectively communicate and convey commercial, marketing, and animated ideas and storytelling.  This program includes instruction in the principles and elements of design, 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional design, layout, typography, illustration, color theory, digital photography, and visual storytelling.  CPI Commercial and Advertising art students are given access to Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, and Dimension to create, develop and finalize artistic messages in print, online, and animated media.  Students have hands-on access to printers, scanners, large banner makers, cutting machines, and a 3D printer while also experiencing workforce-related field trips and work experience opportunities.  Many program participants choose to gain Adobe certification, enter competitions, and participate in workforce design opportunities.  This program integrates academic skills of geometry, critical thinking, teamwork, and communication necessary for postsecondary education or employment.  Possible career opportunities include but are not limited to becoming a graphic designer, web designer, illustrator, advertising or marketing director, online game design, printer, tattoo artistry, theatrical set designer, clothing designer, structural designer, and public relations director.

Donald E. Crane

Donald (Don) Crane is a native of California. He has lived in multiple states developing his craft of communication. He holds degrees from Hope International University, Johnson University, and Cabrini University and is currently a Ph.D. Candidate with Cappella University. Mr. Crane is skilled with verbal and non-verbal communication with specialties in public speaking, discourse, and social media marketing. His abilities assist the student in learning to be genuine, authentic, and passionate in their visual arts while telling a visual story that penetrates the noise of modern marketing.

Outside of CPI, Mr. Crane is married to Karen. They have five children. They live in Howard, PA. He serves as the lead minister for Howard Christian Church. His volunteer passions are with the Centre Region Down Syndrome Society & coaching challenger baseball.

Mr. Crane’s Favorite Quote is from C.S. Lewis – “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but to think of yourself less.”

Time may need to be dedicated to work that students did not
finish during the allotted classroom time. This may include hand-done artwork or online computer work in the Adobe programs.

Students will occasionally be required to do outside of class reading or research for assignments and projects.

Students may be required to use outside class time for photography assignments and projects in the 3rd year of class.

Visual Communication:

The Visual Communication using Adobe®Photoshop®certification exam validates entry-level skills needed to plan, design, build, and maintain effective communications corresponding to the Adobe® Photoshop® application. The exam replicates application experience by testing hands-on skills in Adobe® Photoshop®

Student Cost: $200.00

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