Automotive Science and Technology (NATEF Certified)

The Automotive Science & Technology course provides a sequence of classroom and laboratory experiences that relate to the repair and maintenance of vehicles. Included is the study of scientific and math principles related to auto maintenance, technical service manuals, internal combustion engines, electrical systems including computers, and all component parts of the motor vehicle. Students will be prepared for entry-level employment as an automotive specialist and will have a general knowledge of all facets of the automotive servicing industry. Upon completion of this course, the student may be employed in sales, maintenance, production, management, or vehicle road service, or may choose to enter one of the many two-year programs designed to provide advanced level training in vehicle repair. Students who continue their training at Penn College, UTI, or Harrisburg Area Community College, for example, are being pursued by companies like BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, and Audi. These companies then provide additional training specific to their products and many are offering outstanding technicians signing bonuses, assistance in relocating and annual salaries of $38,000 (USA Today, March 3, 1997.)

Mike Sipe

Mr. Sipe was born and raised in McClure, PA. Like his students, Mr. Sipe attended 3 years of Automotive Technology during high school. After graduating from high school Mr. Sipe attended Vale Tech, which is now WyoTech, for 9 months and graduated with honors. Mr. Sipe was immediately hired at a new car dealership and worked his way up from service technician to shop foreman and then to service advisor. Mr. Sipe worked at the same dealership for over 25 years. Mr. Sipe has the following certifications: PA State Inspection and Emissions License, Master GMC Truck Technician, Macs 609 A/C Certification, ASE 609 A/C Certification, Enhanced Vehicle Inspection License, Certified Document Reviewer License, and Master ASE Certified for 35 years. In his spare time, Mr. Sipe likes to build custom vehicles and hot rods. His first project vehicle was a 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible which he restored while still in high school. He also has a low rider truck and recently built a trike motorcycle from scratch which was picked for the 2014 Snap-On Tools Tech Toys calendar. Hot rodding, racing, and cars have driven his passion for many years and he is now eager to pass on this knowledge to his students.

Homework is assigned as necessary to keep all the students in the same training area. In the automotive field, there are many different systems to cover and the class needs to proceed in an orderly fashion to complete training. Other activities include: field trips to parts stores, dealerships, and other events. There are also local and state competitions the students can enter and, if they score well, can move on to further competitions at higher levels. This class requires a good work ethic, attention to detail, and a desire to succeed.

PA State “Safety” Inspection Certification
All 4 categories offered.
Student Cost: $25 per category

PA State “Emission” Inspection Certification
(OBD II state-wide)
Student Cost: $85

M.A.C.S. Automotive Air Conditioning Certification
Student Cost: $25 with free retest if needed

Vehicle Lift Safety Certification

Student Cost:  Free

ASE 609 A/C Certification

Student Cost:  $19.00

Entry Level ASE Certification

Student Cost:  $40.00

SkillsUSA membership
Student Cost: $10

Valvoline Motor Oil Specialist
Student Cost: Free

Plus many other industry certifications available