Culinary Arts/Food Beverage Management

A reputation for serving fine foods is an asset to any restaurant, whether it boasts Home ’Cooking’ or ’Exotic Foreign Cuisine’. Cooks and chefs are largely responsible for the reputation a restaurant acquires. The curriculum prepares students for all kinds of employment related to commercial food services. Specialized learning units include theory and work experience in the major areas of cooking, baking, nutrition, sanitation, food and beverage purchasing, and management and organizational skills. Experience is also gained in front-of-house skills including waiting on tables and cashiering, care and use of kitchen equipment, and sanitation in food handling in a commercial and institutional setting. Students will have the opportunity to receive the ServeSafe certification.

Timothy James Beckenbaugh

A native of Mifflin County PA, Chef Beckenbaugh graduated from Lewistown High School and immediately entered the United States Marine Corps (USMC). After several years of seeing the world, serving this country on the continents of Africa, Europe, North and South America, he chose to further his education by attending one of the world’s most prestigious culinary schools – The Culinary Institute of America (CIA), in Hyde Park, New York. Chef Beckenbaugh graduated from the CIA with honors going on to work in a variety of food services outlets, restaurants, hotels and even one of the casinos in Atlantic City, NJ. His pedigree also includes co-owning a local landmark restaurant. Later, he became the Corporate Executive Chef for a large regional grocery store chain.

After many years in this industry, Chef Beckenbaugh decided it was time to give back to the next generation of culinarians. He began his teaching career in Maryland, teaching Culinary Arts to post-secondary students, but upon receiving the opportunity to return home, he happily returned to teach at the Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology (CPI) beginning in 2009. He enjoys teaching at the high school level and continues to hone his teaching skills by being a student himself, at The Pennsylvania State University (PSU). He can often be heard saying, “We’re in the 100% and YES business,” showing his strength in customer service and professionalism.

An avid sports fan, Coach Beckenbaugh coaches varsity high school wrestlers. In the classroom, the kitchen and in the wrestling room, he strives to find unique strengths in each student / student–athlete. One of Chef’s favorite past times is to travel to new places locally and around the world, and you guessed it – discover new foods and beverages, new flavor combinations, and new adventures.

Students will occasionally be required to spend time doing reading, study guides, and vocabulary words that were not finished during allotted classroom time. Students will occasionally be required to do research assignments and projects that were not finished during allotted classroom time.
American Culinary Federation – ( Junior Culinarian) Student Cost: Free
ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification
Training covers these concepts:
• The Importance of Food Safety
• Good Personal Hygiene
• Time and Temperature Control
• Preventing Cross-Contamination • Cleaning and Sanitizing
• Safe Food Preparation
• Receiving and Storing Food
• Methods of Thawing, Cooking, Cooling and Reheating Food • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
• Food Safety Regulations
• And more …
Student Cost: Free