This program is designed for students interested in many of the professions associated with the field of Emergency Services.  Potential jobs include:  EMT, Police, Corrections, Armed Forces, Fire Departments, and 911 Dispatcher.  The Emergency Services program has access to the Centre County Public Safety Training Center where they are able to participate in fire classes as well as hands-on medical traning.  Field trips to local Emergency Service agencies is an important aspect of the class in order to best prepare students for the demands of this career pathway.

Cheniene Leiter

Cheniene worked as an adjunct instructor with the CCPSTC for approximately a year before she joined CPI full time as the Emergency Services Instructor in 2016. She brings with her a long and diverse background in emergency services.  

She entered the ambulance service in 1992 as an EMT; she continues to be active to this day with Fame EMS in Lewistown Pa.  

In 2000, she began work as a 911 telecommunicator, going on to become the certified training officer and training coordinator in Juniata County 911 Services.  

Cheniene entered the fire service in 2009. 

She was promoted to rescue captain in 2015 and remains active in the fire service with Mifflintown Hose Company. She played a large role in making Mifflintown Hose Company recipient of the PA Department of Health “Rescue Service of the Year” award in 2017. 

Cheniene is the recipient of the 2017 Jack Williams Memorial Award from Seven Mountains EMS Council. This award is given to an EMS instructor whose service and actions have exemplified their spirit to serve, teach, and improve patient care and to promote EMS within the Seven Mountains EMS Council Region. She has coordinated 6 EMR/EMT programs in three counties with a cadre of instructors that she obtained and guided through the process of becoming EMT Instructors were there where few.  

Cheniene is a certified EMT Instructor, PSFA non-suppression Fire Instructor, CPR Instructor, and Dispatch Instructor.  

In addition to her public service as an EMT, a telecommunicator, and a firefighter, Cheniene coordinates with many agencies and educational facilities statewide to improve the accessibility to training for those throughout central Pennsylvania. 

Cheniene continues the family tradition of teaching for technical schools from her father Gordon Warner, who taught carpentry to many students throughout his lifetime.  

She lives with her husband Tom Leiter, a resident instructor at PSFA and active member of Mifflintown Hose Company.  In her free time, Cheniene enjoys hiking and camping with her husband their dog Diesel. 

Provide traffic control and security for fire companies. 

Provide security at high school events. 

American Heart Association CPR 

Emergency Medical Technician (National)

Vehicle Rescue Technician

Fire Essentials with a Live Burn

National Incident Management (FEMA) 100-200-800-700

Hazardous Materials Operations

911 Dispatch with APCO Telecommunicator

Traffic Incident Management

PA State Fire Academy Essentials Program