3 Months – Total Clock Hours: 300

2024-2025 Tuitions Fees: $4,504

Start Dates:  8/19/2024, 1/6/2025

Admission Requirements

Application Fee, Application for Admission, Enrollment Agreement, High School Diploma or GED, Criminal Record Check, Child Abuse Clearance.

Program Overview

The Esthetician Program (“Program”) will prepare students for the profession of Esthetician. The popularity of this career is increasing with the awareness of the client’s needs for healthy, youthful skin and the growing popularity of day spas. After successfully completing the Program, students will be eligible to enroll to take the Pennsylvania State Board examination.

The Program consists of the study of the history of the profession, infection control, chemistry, electricity, nutrition, the physiology of skin, diseases, disorders of the skin, skin analysis, skin care products, facial treatments, facial massage, hair removal, and makeup business skills.

Maximum # of Students Per Class:  8

Program starts in January and July. Please check with CPI Admissions and review the Program Enrollment Agreement for specific start dates.

Entry-Level Career Opportunities:

  • Skincare Specialists
  • Manicurist / Pedicurist
  • Spa Manager
  • Healthcare Support Worker

Courses In This Program Include:

Course Descriptions

EST-105 – Orientation of Esthetics
The Orientation of Esthetics course includes course material that includes the past, present and future of the field of Esthetics. Students are taught the origin of Esthetics, tracing its evolution through the twenty-first century, and speculating on where it will go in the future. The students also are taught life skills that stress the importance of setting goals, time management, and establishing a solid foundation for a successful career. The course stresses the importance of personal hygiene and deportment and reviews the interactions with managers, coworkers, and clients. The course concludes with communicating for success, which is a blueprint for using the student’s special skills and personality to build a successful career in Esthetics. Furthermore, the course outlines for the student how to service and retain a loyal client base. (12.5 Lecture Hours – 0 Lab Hours)

EST-111 – General Sciences
The General Sciences course includes important information for the students regarding keeping the student and their clients safe and healthy. Infection control offers the most current and vital facts regarding cleaning and disinfecting procedures, hepatitis, HIV, and other infectious viruses and bacteria. The course also informs the student how to prevent transmission of disease. General Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, and Electricity provide essential information that will help the student work with clients and enable the student to make decisions about treatments. The course concludes with Nutrition for Estheticians. The course further assists the Esthetician in understanding the effects of nutrition on the skin, along with reviewing nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, both as used topically and as taken internally. (50 Lecture Hours – 0 Lab Hours)

EST-121 – Skin Sciences
The Skin Sciences course offers clear and up to date content on every aspect of the skin, including skin anatomy and skin function. Students are taught the disorders and diseases of the skin. The course explores the many maladies of the skin, including acne, sensitive skin, and the danger of sun exposure. Skin Analysis addresses skin types and conditions, stressing the necessity of a thorough client consultation. The foundation on which most retail sales are built is covered in the skin care products chemistry, ingredients, and selection.
(62.5 Lecture Hours – 0 Lab Hours)

EST-133 – Esthetics
The Esthetics course focuses on actual practices performed by the Esthetician. Setting up the treatment room and creating the correct atmosphere for both the client and for the Esthetician is covered in the treatment room narrative. Facial treatments are discussed, and the methods used during several types of facials, including their benefits and contraindications, as well as the unique considerations and techniques of the men’s facial. Facial massage covers the benefits of massage, along with contraindications and basic massage movements. Facial machines are devoted to machines used in esthetic treatments and provides instruction on the use of the steamer, galvanic machine, Wood’s lamp and more. The hair removal narrative reviews the critical information students will need for these increasingly requested services. Students are also provided an overview of the body and clinical procedures used with cosmetic surgery, as well as the increasingly popular spa body treatments. Color theory, face shapes, and advice about selecting a product line are some of the topics addressed in the world of makeup conclusion, which provides a reference for the future, such as appearance-enhancement services growing in demand.
(28 Lecture Hours – 122 Lab Hours)

EST-155 – Business Skills
The Business Skills course contains a wealth of new information on creating financial and operational success as an Esthetician. Career planning provides practical instruction on setting goals, preparing a resume, and preparing for an interview. Information on the skills of money management and communication is also included. Students are also taught information on establishing one’s own business, as well as tips to help recognize a successful business to join as an employee. The course’s conclusion concentrates on Selling Products and Services. It also stresses market-related topics, such as product knowledge, understanding clients’ needs and tracking success.
(25 Lecture Hours – 0 Lab Hours)