Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

Skilled HVAC technicians are in demand. A challenging career with vast employment opportunities awaits students who complete training in this field. The demand for technicians is just as strong locally as it is nationally. According to a recent issue of Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration News, 65,000 service technicians will be needed over the next decade. Students who complete the program will have the opportunity to receive Refrigeration Certification and take the ICE (Industry Competency Examination). The program covers oil heat systems, gas heating systems, heat pumps and air conditioning, air distribution systems, and refrigeration skills. This rapidly expanding industry provides you with job opportunities that are unmatched by most occupations and numerous openings for advancement and earning potential.

Jeff McCardle

Mr. McCardle graduated from Bald Eagle Nittany High School in Mill Hall PA.  He attended the Williamsport Area Community College where he graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Arts.  He worked in that field for many years operating printing presses and pre-press equipment.  After a layoff, Mr McCardle attended CPI’s HVAC Adult program.  After graduation, he was employed by Goodco Mechanical as an HVAC Service Technician and for a short time by Foxdale Retirement Village in their maintenance department.  When he learned about a position as HVAC Instructor, he jumped at the chance to be part of the program!

There is seldom homework assigned in HVAC. There is always time given to accomplish assignments. There are occasional take-home tests that allow students to find the correct answer any way that they can – they just need to find the correct answer. This promotes research from sources outside the classroom. When the students are outside school working, they must find answers to the challenges they encounter. The right answer is what is important, not where they got it. There are often opportunities for “service calls” at CPI. The HVAC class has done work in many areas of the school including Landscaping and Horticulture, Culinary Arts, Advertising Arts, the Boardroom, and the schools computer room. Occasional chances for community service are avialable. HVAC services the dehumidifiers for “Paws” and has worked on the boiler at “The Christian Academy” in Bellefonte and the Bellefonte Teener League ball field.
OSHA 501
National certification showing 10 hr. training in general industry safety
Student Cost: Free

EPA 608
National certification required by law to work with refrigerants in stationary equipment
Student Cost: Free

EPA 609
National certification required by law to work on automotive air conditioning
Student Cost: Free

ICE Residential
National industry standard showing competence in gas fired equipment, oil fired equipment, air distribution, air conditioning and heat pumps.
Student Cost: Free

Beckett Oil Burners
National industry certification showing training in oil burners
Student Cost: Free

Gastite CSST
National industry standard required for installing Gastite corrugated stainless steel tubing
Student Cost: Free

Pennsylvania Builders Association Certificate
Students who complete the program and score advanced on the end of program assessment (NOCTI) will have their names added to the Pennsylvania Builders Association website for employers seeking highly skilled employees.
Student Cost: Free

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
National certification showing competence in handling indoor air quality issues
Student Cost: Free

410A Refrigerant
National certification showing training received in the use of very high pressure refrigerant 410A
Student Cost: Free