Welding and Metal Fabrication Technology

Students in this program use a variety of arc and/or gas welding and cutting equipment to weld metal components together, fabricate new items, or repair/alter metal items according to layouts, blueprints, or work orders. They learn related skills such as grinding, clamping, positioning, and the detection and repair of cracks using various testing equipment. Recent graduates of the CPI Welding program have had three job offers each. The Apprentice School (Newport News, VA) recently offered graduates in welding and machining $11.11 per hour to participate in a four-year, tuition-free apprenticeship.

Brent Riggle


Students that enter the welding program will be required to complete certain assignments. This work may include:

  • 4- two to five page essays
  • Chapter review questions
  • Trade terms
  • Chapter reading assignments
  • Math homework


Students can acquire a welding qualification/certification in various positions, welding processes, per the American Welding Society (AWS) D1.1 welding code criteria.

Student Cost: Varies