Carpentry and Building Construction Technology (NAHB Certification)

Opportunities for students who master the Carpentry competencies while enrolled at CPI are nearly limitless in the Centre County. On average, four jobs in the building construction field are offered to each student successfully completing the Construction Technology program. Instruction in Carpentry and Building Construction Technology includes all phases of building construction, material selection and estimation, blueprint reading, repair techniques, and finish work. The wide variety of jobs available includes Carpenter’s Helpers, Roofers, Framers, and General Construction workers. CPI Carpentry students are currently constructing a house near the school. All Construction Trades students will be part of the team that completes this project.

Note: The Carpentry program is also part of the Construction Technology Cluster.

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The building and housing industry offers a wide range of career op- tions. Career are available ranging from carpenters who take plans and convert them to a living home, to the Architects who take clients or their own ideas and create the plans and drawings used by carpen- ters. The list of occupations in the construction and construction related field is large, ranging from construction material sales, finish carpenters, furniture makers, cabinet makers, project managers, site supervisors, interior design, architecture, engineering, and many more. The building and construction industry is a constantly changing and evolving field. Individuals who enjoy challenging themselves are par- ticipating in a creative and evolving industry and an exciting career. We currently have students in cooperative education placements at local architectural studios and have other opportunities with cabinet and furniture makers as well.

Carpentry Certification through the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER).
Student Cost: Free

Pennsylvania Builders Association Certificate
Students who complete the program and score advanced on the end of program assessment (NOCTI) will have their names added to the Pennsylvania Builders Association website for employers seeking highly skilled employees.
Student Cost: Free

Occupational Health and Safety Administration, OSHA
10 hour safety card.
Student Cost: Free